Counting down

Lots of things happening this summer!  My parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary, my cousin's wedding, my class reunion, leaving a job, opening a new business.  All very exciting but a little hectic too- throw in kids and grand kids and just take a deep breath!  My husband and I visited the Indieana Handicraft Exchange Summer Show at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis last weekend-very cool stuff there.  We were able to check out a lot of things that we'd like to have in the store and make some connections for later- ceramics, paper products, soaps and essential oils- just to name a few.  We've confirmed the design for the building and construction should begin in July,  I plan to have everything ( or almost everything ) ready to move right in as soon as it's done.  I won't promise it, but I'm hoping for a grand opening before Christmas.  Cool place to get your last minute shopping done for sure!  and have a cup of hot cinnamon tea while you do it!  I will post pictures of products and the building process as soon as I start taking them!  Enjoy these summer days.