I have added some new cool things to the store.  We now have Heirloom Seed Gardening Kits for growing plants in small spaces- great gifts for kids or beginner gardeners.  Also, some seasoning mixes to make your dinner time a little quicker and tastier!  "Dinner Tonight" seasoning mixes are all natural and gluten free.  We have some cool new cards for Mother's Day and Graduation-some really beautiful  cards from Joseph Halberstadt Photography!  Very excited to have those.  

I will be giving more information in the next few days about a Mother's Day basket giveaway!

 Hard to believe we've been open for six weeks now, time sure does fly.  I've let a lot of days just slide by unnoticed lately because I've been so busy.  This week I've reminded myself of my own advice- life is too short- live in the moment- try to take some time and notice the birds, notice the trees swaying in the breeze- listen to the rain-hear your own breathing.  Be thoughtful. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their day and this beautiful weather!