Masala Chai and more

I was able to spend a little time in the woods yesterday, nice.  There are little signs of Spring popping up through the leaves.  I'm ready for mushrooms, still trying to teach my dog to find them for me!  It seems with the warming weather that we've been making a lot of iced Masala Chai for customers lately so I thought I'd share an awesome recipe I received from my friend at Rishi tea- thanks Marino!  Just blend 3 ounces of the Chai concentrate with 4 ounces of unsweetened coconut milk, 1 small banana and a couple of ice cubes- yum.  Also, this week we finally got in the salt lamps and they certainly are pretty- come in and check them out while they last!  I've been trying to take some customer requests as well- smudge sticks for your spring time bonfires, herbal health products, some new soaps with essential oil body sprays and lotions to match.  You catch a different scent in all corners of the store.  We have Easter coming up soon and then Mother's Day, graduation, and summer weddings!  I've ordered a lot of cool things soon to be on the shelves for all your gift needs- pictures to post asap!  Have a great week everyone-