Back to School

The kids heading back to school can bring either a sigh of relief or a sigh mourning the end of another summer.  I'm a little middle of the road on this one.  I do love all of the seasons in Indiana, summer and fall being my favorites.  I would have to say that I'm ready for all that fall brings-fires, falling leaves, my favorite sweaters and pumpkins.  Getting back to school means earlier bedtimes, earlier mornings and stressed out afternoons and evenings getting that math homework finished!  I just put together an essential oil blend called  "Back to School". It comes in a convenient roller ball bottle so that you can sneak it on the bottoms of someones feet before they go to bed at night (also, just as useful for stressed out Mom's! ).  

Feels good to have regulars at our coffee shop even though we're not open "coffee shop" hours!  Ask us for a customer appreciation punch card if you'd like to be one of our regulars!  We'd love to give you a free drink.   Also, offering 10% off of all coffee shop drinks with a student ID!              Check us out next month for fall flavors in the coffee shop- pumpkin and maple spice!  


back to school.jpg